Scholarship 'Dough'

  To our Wonderful Arts and Music Students and Parents,       Who ever thought that ‘getting back to normal’ would be a thing to strive for?  We are happy to let you know that, after a year off,  we are again running the FOFA Scholarship Dough fundraiser.  We know this has been a very trying year for you and this is something we can all do to help keep your fellow students.  One hundred percent of the proceeds from this fundraiser go to fund individual STUDENT activities - lessons, camps, special arts equipment, etc.  The product is top quality, made fresh; it smells like real cookie dough. They are delicious and fun to make. Each item is $18.  As an incentive, each participant who sells 10 units or more will be awarded a $10 Raising Canes gift card. In addition, each of the Top Sellers in Band, Choir, Visual Arts, and Orchestra will be given a $25 Gift Card.   A big change from years prior is that all the ordering and payments can be processed through a phone app.  Click HERE to a

Next FOFA Board Meeting - All are WELCOME

DGS Friends of Fine Arts - All are welcome to attend our monthly meeting January 11, 7 pm ZOOM Meeting Mark your calendar and join in! We need you!

2020-21 Membership Drive

Jo in Now - The ARTS need you! Now, more than ever human beings need connections with the arts.  To continue to thrive, our High School Arts programs need your participation.    Entering our 23 rd year, the DGS Friends of Fine Arts (FOFA) is looking forward to another successful year and is relying on your continued support of our student artists and musicians especially in this unpredictable environment.  How you can help:  Your financial support this year will enable our students and staff to connect for  both in person and remote learning.  The staff and students are coming up with great ideas to utilize new technology and materials to keep the arts education at a high level we’ve come to expect.  With your help, DGS FOFA can facilitate these new ideas to maximize student success regardless of the learning environment.   Whether producing virtual concerts and art shows, learning through new software, or engaging our students with guest artists and musicians from around the world,

Stay Tuned.

 If you are interested in joining FOFA, please email us at